Sunday, January 20, 2013

Four Limericks about Franz Liszt

For piano, Liszt knew how to write
His music is just a delight
To play it's a rush
For the sounds are so lush
And the crowd, it is sure to excite

For those of you hatin' on Liszt,
You've done got me real fuckin' pissed
If you say it's all schlock
You can go suck my cock:
Your opinion is promptly dismissed

So, Liszt was a pimp in his day
And a beast at the piano, they say
In a post-concert flurry
The women, they'd hurry
With his "finger" they'd all want to play

After concerts were given by Liszt,
All the ladies, en masse, would insist
That he strip them down nude
And perform something lewd
So each fräulein, in bliss, Liszt would fist