Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Series of Scatological Limericks on the Subject of the Dangers of Eating Indian Food Before Getting on an Airplane

I hankered and hungered for food
Some nosh that would go with my mood
So Indian curry
I ate in a hurry
While airborne the next day, I pooed

I tell you, it's always a pain
To eat curry and go on a plane
'Cuz my farts start to stink
In my seat I do sink
My cover-ups all are in vain

My bowels are having a fit
As here on the plane I do sit
The bathroom is taken
And here I am, shakin'
'Cuz all that I want is to shit

The restrooms on planes are so small
My shoulders are hittin' the wall
And the smell from my ass
From the gas that I pass
Is so noxious I can't breathe at all

It's milk products I can't digest
I really should give them a rest
When my ass starts to bubble
You know you're in trouble
Your nostrils, my farts will molest